The Truth Democrats Refuse To Talk About

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  1. Douglas B Sherrow says:

    This is true, however our healthcare is 37th in the world and VERY expensive, our infrastructure is in bad shape, our foreign policy is nonexistent or horrendous and we have a very divisive leader. The economy is only one item when 15 are very bad.

  2. Snooky says:

    You can lie all you want but the truth will come out that the Democrats are Crooks Liars thieves everything bad is behind a Democrat

  3. Dee says:

    The dems Once Again tout Lies ! We Will prevail in 2020 no matter which Looser gets their nomination . Funny how they want to take credit for Our Presidents Great job !! MAGA BABY !

  4. Betty Jay says:

    The Democrats are slowly and surely destroying their Party. Their lies and crimes are catching up with them. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2020 AND DEMOLISH THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

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