Conservatives LAUGH at Disney’s Silly Threat

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  1. DonRS says:

    Disney, ABC, ESPN, Igor, are all a DISGRACE. Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave!

    1. Does Walt Disney not know a lot of their audience consists of children!? Why are you for killing off a lot of your audience!? I live in Georgia and if it comes to killing off babies or having production companies work here then- Bye Bye Production Companies! We did well before you came and will continue to do well after you leave! LGBTQ, abortion and Hollowood trying to take over—I don’t think so! God is in charge and that is who we answer to!

  2. Estell says:

    We can do without Disney. He would be angry beyond belief if he know what was going on now. It can go into nothingland for all I care. And take thefun parks with it.

  3. Roxanne I Bohnow says:

    The Disney I remember was a man centered around the family and most of all the children. Now the Disney Corporation has turned His world upside down. There is a stench coming from the Management That is becoming to much for me to bare. To that there is nothing more that needs to be said/

  4. Original Anna says:

    If Disney’s employees don’t want to work in a non abortion state it is because LGBT has taken over Disney as the CEO admits. He hires homosexuals to be around children of all ages in costumes so no identification can be made in the Disney parks. Teenagers who grown homosexuals like happen to be in entertainment spots like Disney at night time. Gee, open 24 hour game land for his employees. And it is weird that for a company that does children and teenager shows and movies and books that they are for the torturing to death of their future customers. 70 million so far murdered in horrendous ways and this creepy CEO is in favor of this, loves this murder of babies to the point they refuse to stand up for children but prefer to actually fight the state preferring life for children instead of fighting abortion clinics for the life of their future business. This sickening torturing to death of innocent babies is beyond countries like Russia under communism and Germany under the Nazis who actually killed less children. Keep in mind it is not about the health of the woman, she walks out of the building with her body intact while the baby’s body lies tortured to death in the garbage except for the babies’ parts that are sold for money. Murdering the baby’s body is just that, murder. This CEO IS NOT A FRIEND OF CHILDREN OF ANY AGE. The money Disney gives to LGBT and abortion politicians is another sickening thing that is making Walt Disney turn over in his grave. The real Disney is no longer.

  5. John Wood says:

    Good to hear that Georgia values life more than the “almighty dollar”

  6. Betty Jay says:

    Disney, with their liberal attitude, will be losing many people. I refuse to waste my money on anything the liberals own. Why should they become rich on capitalism, the very easy of life that they want to remove from the American citizens. It is hypocrisy to get rich off of capitalism and, at the same time, advocate getting rid of capitalism.

  7. pete says:

    If Disney likes boycotts so much, they will certainly appreciate the boycotts that Conservatives will put upon the company’s products and films!

  8. Rowdy says:

    How stupid can the so called CEO’s of these mega companies get in their regard to be in the political news front. It is like a snake cutting off it’s own head. They a standing behind killing all of the babies that would become children that would demand and want to use their products. How stupide can they really get, or are they one of those nitwit LBGT’s that live in an upside down world of fantasy. Any way all I can see is that they are bound and determined to destroy their corporations that they are hired to protect and make profitable. If I was on the board of directors for Disney or Net Flick I would be demanding a replacement CEO for each of the corporations before the stupidity of their political agenda bankrupts their corporation’s. At one time I was going to get net flick, now I am not. At one time I was planning a family vacation to Disney in Orlando Florida, now I will go to Universal instead, unless they also get that stupid. If they do I will not do the Florida vacation. I will just stay in my good ole conservative state of Oklahoma, at least we honor our rights and freedoms, we believe in the sancticy of life. And we know what sex we are, the sex we were born with. All of this political B.S. being pushed by the Democraps and their brain washed supporters is only a ploy to turn our great country into a Dictatorship run by the Democrap leadership while they make everyone else slaves. When we freed the African slaves from Democrate control, they have been trying to do every thing they can to have slaves again. Is that any different from the rulers of Egypt that enslaved the Christians, Jews, Africans and any one else that was not Egyptian. Also reminds me of what the Muslums are doing, killing and enslaving anyone that is not Muslum. So why the hell is any one in this great country even listing to this Left Wing Nut Socialist Democraps or have people become so dumb that they will believe anything that has a shroud of it will be free around it. People their is nothing free in life, and when you think that it is, you are hook like a fish to served up on a platter.

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