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Meghan McCain Comes Totally UNHINGED Over Trump

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  1. DonRS says:

    Megyn McCain is so dumb! How dumb is she? She has completely forgotten the pettiness, bitterness, anger and EVIL behavior of her father toward Trump, both BEFORE and AFTER his death.

    Trump granted McCain a State Funeral, which was well beyond his stature as a Senator and lifelong man of NO CHARACTER! But McCain reached out after his death to continue to insult Trump. Now, Megyn McCain feels it is mean spirited for Trump to respond in kind. BOO HOO, you delusional TWIT, as well as the rest of your low class family, particularly the HUSSY McCain dumped his long suffering wife to marry, after an affair that began long before McCain divorced his first wife!

    The history of John McCain shows him to be a TOTAL SCREW OFF his entire life. Were it not for his powerful father and grandfather, John McCain would have gotten his just desserts, a total NO BODY!

  2. Sofia Parks says:

    Senator McCain deservers the respect of any individual who served his country: no more and no less.
    Ms McCain, either doesn’t have the courage required for a public individual or thinks that making a circus about her mourning is going to give her a lift on her audience esteem.
    I see her as a drama queen, who needs a great deal of training to become a respected figure and at the same time respectful of her audience.
    Ms McCain, is time to grow up, please.

  3. Steveur says:

    If he treated her, like he treated the country, she would be crying a different song. To him. promises were made to be broken, after each election that he greased himself through. He was a man of no honor, sending his fellow Senators to prison during the Keating, Silver State scandal, he ate cheese and he evaded the prison walls, unlike the other four Senators. He was elected for the wall that was promised each election, never happened. The worst to come was his part in the Steel Dossier to unseat a duly elected President Trump, his mark is in the mix with the traitors. President Trump sits above any sitting Politician at this time, as President he has accomplished in two years, what we were always promised by the Establishment and all they did was fake us out by fraud and corruption for years over years. So this whining drama lady, should wake up and smell the coffee, she may keep her father as a hero, but the voters will vote the facts if they are honest and not on the take for career and money only. Grow up, dry the tears.

  4. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Hey you megyn mccain

    You are all in when your daddy-dearest “insulted/insults President TRUMP beyond his grave”

    you certain blest your daddy-dearest insult towards President TRUMP

    SO what’s with that??

    and damn anybody who insults your daddy-dearest because if the way john mccain really hurt others

    very badly

    and that’s OK, Right??

    and since your dad died in the cancerous manner he did, you need to believe that he needs to be forgiven

    I don’t think so

    your dad purposely caused a many of our finest US Military Personnel to die needless deaths without

    any decent heathcare waiting to get better

    and your dad really helped that from happening

    And Hey megyn, that’s not alright, your dad purposely hated our US soldiers personnel

    every moment of everyday the way he hatefully allowed them to die without any type of decent

    life prolonging healthcare, and why megyn??

    Your dad jihn mccain was a very hateful man that loved money more than US Military personnel

    and you meygn ceratinly are following proud in your dad’s hateful foot steps

    SO you megyn mccain can Go To Hell, as immediately as possible

    and that’s my TRUMPing US Truth!!!

  5. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Well, she can call President Trump a child all she wants, but at least nobody can call HIM a traitor, like they can McCain! “Nough said!! And, people are fed up with all the stupidity of these paid hacks.

  6. mspidge says:

    mccain was ALWAYS a little mean man, void of character.

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