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Kamala Harris Hits ROCK BOTTOM

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  1. Estell says:

    She needs to get out of politics.

    1. Aline says:

      That is exactly where this idiot belongs…AT THE .ROCK BOTTOM!

  2. Betty Jay says:

    Just because she slept her way to get ahead doesn’t mean she knows crap. It is not the gun makers fault that criminals use guns in crimes. She needs to think about punishing the criminals. Stupid politicians have become lenient on criminals because they have become criminals.

  3. Dee says:

    As with All the democrats running they have accomplished Nothing in their careers . This is why they spend all their time going after Trump or promising free stuff , which of course we the tax payers pay for . They’re Useless !

  4. mspidge says:

    Remember what that puke tom hanks said about President Trump getting elected?? WELL THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR THIS STUPID MORON!!!

  5. Ken says:

    Being a Democrat is two strikes against you and being from CA is easily the third strike. You are out of here, thank God.

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