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  1. Pirro Is correct…. all for nothing, and carrying a failed cloud
    Of darkness evil delusional democrat legend, that’s been going on for a couple of hundred years.
    The democratic history speaks for itself.
    What will they do now?, more desperate tactics.
    They need to apologize to our President of the United States. They knew he was not guilty one year ago.
    Anyone with common sense, knows a man like Donald Trump CANNOT break the law….. there’s no history of criminal activity.

  2. Joz Lee says:

    the entire transcript shows that Mueller and his team edited the transcript to only keep in the parts that sounded damaging to the president. and Democrats went running…”CRAZIC – SPAZMIC” Mueller left it to them to ‘get Trump’! What a Shame!

  3. Betty Jay says:

    Mueller is certainly a paid friend of the Democrats. He knew there vis no evidence against Trump but he deliberately baited the Democrats to impeach. Why? Because he is NOT AN HONEST MAN. HE IS AS DIRTY AS OBAMA, HILLARY, AND COMEY. LEGALLY, HE HAS NOTHING. HOPE BAR FIND EVIDENCE AGAINST ALL THOSE DIRTY DEMOCRATS AND RHINOS.

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