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Pastor Defends Public Prayer for Trump

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  1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    The PASTOR is doing what he’s called to do~obey God’s word. Those that got their feelings hurt, are in the wrong. If you don’t like somebody, the Bible does NOT give you permission to not pray for them. In fact. we’re told specifically to pray for those that we DON’T like. Their soul is the important part, & we are to pray for them. The pastor’s prayer was totally a great one, & he did an awesome job of explaining why he did what he did. God bless im!!

    1. Donella S. Wood says:

      Sharon – Your comments are so good in explaining why that pastor should have done what he did. I’m not a Franklin Graham fan, but I do think he is
      a good man as his father Billy was. When he asked June 2 be a day of prayer for our President, I put it on my calendar. Thank you for your very
      good explanation – I too am a believer.

  2. Donella S. Wood says:

    They people of that congregation should be proud of their pastor. He did as he should have done. Our President needs all the help he can get as
    he is certainly not getting it from congress. Congress needs our prayers big time also.

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