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BREAKING: ISIS Plot Discovered, Trump Was Right

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  1. Barbara says:

    With this information———– it is time to put an end to pelosi for sedition. and Where was the money coming from to get this started in our country. and how many are already in our country. Who was the leader behind all this If through Pelosis mental disgust to take down trump and put our country in danger let alone our people she needs to be arrested now.!!! This is dangerous action and someone needs to pay for the screw up. She was taking the attention away from the border where most of us have been. I swear these people can’t think or see past their noses.! This is like playing strategy and they don’t know the first thing of what to expect. Trumps six sense was kicking in people. He was expecting something.

  2. Proud vet says:

    The communist a.k.a. Democrat party is in Auto with Isys to destroy the US economy as they are communist and communist manifesto says to take down America you must overwhelmed their system with that and they have all of their scum in the courts in the bar at your beckoning call because you’re being paid as money speaks volumes! It also speaks treason

  3. Do you greasy towel hats think the Mexican Cartel is going to let you get away with this?

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