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Biden 2020 Run Hits ROCK BOTTOM

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  1. gary says:

    biden can not think for himself, he will never be a leader. thats the only reason obummer kept him around was to have a vp that would go along with all his corruption and not say a word, he was vp in name only. biden is a flim flam man and a bullshitter and should never a leader, cant think for himsel

    1. Dee says:

      Gary , I think you’re spot on . Obama chose an idiot to be able to pull off all the crap he did . Of course Biden thought it was because he was special . Could never imagine an idiot like Biden representing the USA .

  2. gary says:

    biden can not think for himseif, ever thing would be done by mob rule, he is not a leader he is a stupid fool. the only reason he was vp is obummer needed one that would not say a word about all his corruption

  3. John J says:

    All elected people who want to run for another office should be forced to resign form their current office instead of using America’s money to travel around campaigning and neglecting the duties that they were elected for, this would eliminate 90% of the disruptive wanna be’s

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