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Ilhan Omar REFUSES To Talk About This

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  1. Mary says:

    Obviously she’s very well aware of what’s taking place but refuses to comment.
    The ones who voted her in were Muslims.

    She supports these Terrorist groups.
    Omar must be thrown out.
    She’s a Danger to the USA.

  2. Leftshot says:

    Ilhan Omar refuses to discuss a whole range of subjects, which collectively says a lot more than this one.
    o Tax Fraud – Filing jointly multiple years with someone she is not married
    o Immigration Fraud – Marrying someone simply so they can gain access to this country. The sham marriage may even be her brother.
    o Theft & Fraud – Dipping into campaign funds for personal use. Convicted of eight counts.
    o Her association with CAIR – A known terrorist front group
    o Her association and support of the Muslim Brotherhood – A known terrorist group.

  3. Ken says:

    And DEMOCRATS put her on the foreign relations committee? You can bet she knows all about it, but can not say what she really thinks. And that is that she and others like her encourage these people to join jihadists all over the world. Same for the one from Michigan. And AOC is also crazy enough to do the same.

  4. JMichael270 says:

    Time to revoke her citizenship and deport her to SOMOLIA where she belongs.

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