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Public “All-Ages Drag Show” is a DISGRACE to America

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  1. Betty Jay says:

    These Drag Shows are a disgrace to America. It shows how low the morals have become I our Country. Praying 🙏 that GOD will punish these evil doers.

  2. Mary says:

    Interesting how these Drag shows call us Haters when we find this Wrong, Unethical, immoral, Indoctrination of children by the LGBTQ.
    Not cute or funny. You’re trying hard to confuse these children like the way YOU ARE!!!
    Leave our youth alone.
    You want to be accepted so badly that you do not care on who you hurt for a lifetime.

    Simply sick and demented.

  3. NavyPO says:

    We are living in a damned insane asylum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Original Anna says:

    Drag used to be porn as well as homosexual sexual activity and you had to pay for it at the beginning of the Internet. Now this crap is in your face and your kids face and it isn’t even blocked by having to pay for it. Totally in the open and you are supposed to love it. Well, sorry, it is becoming more and more creepy and I find I want to keep it out of my face and my kids faces even more. Who the hell is this librarian and the members of the library board that they are pushing this mental illness on kids. This isn’t what library’s are about. They are supposed to be teaching the fun of reading and the availability of the books and movies and toys available at the library that they can keep borrowing and not have to pay for so they can read as much as they want as long as they return borrowed materials of course. That is why libraries were invented and why taxpayers pay the taxes to keep the libraries going not for mental illness people and homosexuals to be pushing their worship of men on men sex agenda. What is the board doing in this case, that this librarian is not being asked to find a homosexual library paid for by homosexuals to push LGBT agenda instead of inviting them into a public library paid for by taxpayers, all taxpayers not by a few perverts who demand so much rights to push their agenda on children in our public libraries. Yes, I am a certified librarian by New York State and that would be the day that I would give access to children to the LGBT people to push their sexual agenda on the public taxpayers money.

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