Rosie O’Donnell Goes INSANE Talking About The Border

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  1. William M says:

    Like really gives a rats rukus about what this old wart hg thinks. She lives in upstate new York, far away form the mexican border. She needs to keep her wrinkled ole’ pi hole shit.

  2. Eric Johnson says:

    What’s AMAZING Is…The Meer Fact ALL THIS Could Of Been AVOIDED From the Very Beginning If The DemonRats Weren’t So ” Hell-bent on a Witch Hunt ” With Pres Trump AND Had Done What the Constitution Tells Them What TO DO With Refugees and Borders…Now The DemonRats Want to USE $$BILLIONS$$ Of OUR MONEY For THEM…The Illegal ” LEECHES “…Instead of Using That Very Same Monies For US, The PEOPLE of U.S.A. Just How Does That Monies Benefit U.S.A. ??? Why Those $$BILLIONS$$ Could Of Done MUCH MORE, Just For OUR Homeless and Housing Alone, Then All the Tea in China Could of Ever Done…

  3. Paul Lamothe says:

    Rosie O’Douchbag your nothing but a fat disgusting Dike Pig Shut up and crawl back into your pig sty !

  4. John J says:

    Fucking bull dyke is sickening, what happened to the child that SHE attempted to force into the queer life

    1. Betty Jay says:

      Rosie McDonnell definitely needs to be in the loony pin. She has a big, filthy, lying mouth and this has-been talks crazy just a be in the spot light. It seems all has-beens crave the spot light, no matter how crazy they sound. It would be better if they zipped their lips.

  5. SJHPW says:

    Not much one can say about those who defy all logic and common sense. Facts mean nothing and truth is way beyond their comprehension. Outside of the headlines, I don’t give much time and thought to any of them. If the news media did the same all the nut jobs would melt down, alone and afraid and the sane ones could go on living without all the insanity.

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