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Judge BANS Trump Confidant from Doing THIS

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  1. Proud vet says:

    L actuality it’s weed the people’s fault for letting the scumbag lowlife trial lawyers get by with allowing a lot of the past for gag orders that is against the first amendment and they know that. They attacked Trump for everything it’s against the constitution yet they commit these crimes daily that being the low life scum bag lawyers that are nothing but vermin, and while feces at the bottom of the sea!

  2. Proud vet says:

    We should’ve never let the lowlife scum bag bottom of the sea lawyers get by with writing a law that prevents somebody from talking as that is a totally against the first amendment the government is for bidden from being involved in. When these judges do that they are playing partisan politics and protecting their scum bag left his friends. These judges should be removed from power immediately as they violate the Constitution daily especially the ones on the left

  3. Grumpy says:

    …based on this judge’s gag order, and to be fair to everyone else, all liberals and far left fanatics should wear gag devices at all times…

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