Rashida Tlaib Pushes To Crash Economy

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  1. Anna Donnelly says:

    Tlaib is so stupid to think $20.00 hour for people who work in jobs for high school kids. Have you ever heard the saying you have to crawl before you can walk. Well this just what the stupid people from Michigan wanted. Hope your state is happy with this rag head.

  2. Betty Jay says:

    Tlaib shows how stupid she is about economy. Why should a teenager serving hamburgers get $20.00 an hour? She needs to leave Congress and go back home for more education. Ignorant people don’t belong in our government. Plus, her hate for AMERICA AND her love for ISIS is evident. If she doesn’t like AMERICA, she should go to a Country where the ISIS terrorists are. Maybe she can find happiness there.

  3. mspidge says:

    The economy would take a nose dive, the entire country would take a nose dive, businesses would have to close, whats the bitch going to do when NO ONE can make a living, then we couldn’t PAY the beotchs salary, THEN WHAT’S IT GOING TO DO??? I don’t know where this c—t came from and don’t give a damn, but IT would make the beotch get out of town. so bring it on you filthy split tail pos garbage, you are one of the aoc’s plus three worst broads that EVER slid out of a womb, you all are COMPLETELY SOULESS!!!

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