Trump RIPS Robert Mueller A New One

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  1. Richard says:

    We the people DEMAND that justice be done here. It is past time to arrest the perps, i..e.: Clinton, DNC, Obama, Comey, Mueller and a host of their minions for TREASON and put an end to this costly political farce. It is also time to limit congress (House and Senate) to 2 terms and no retirement or b3enefits other than what we get i.e.: social security and medicare.
    These so called representatives of the people have forgotten what the system was set up to do. There no longer is a division of parts, i.e.: Judicial, Legislative anhd Executive. Now we have Judicial, judicial and judicial.. FACT. Time to restore the system that started this great country. Get the lawyers out of all but the judicial. No lawyer, attorney or paralegal allowed to hold office and they can only be paid advisors on a case by case basis with a limit on the total amount.
    Logic? nope, just plain old down home country common sense. Time to return to ur roots.
    Also time to collect back the money spent on this farce from the Democrats and also take away their wages paid while they did nothing but political treason. Time to clean house and NOW.
    This has been an unpaid opinion of many honest and taxpaying citizens who asked me to express their opinions. Thank you.

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