Video Of Elijah Cummings In 1999 Leaves Liberals SPEECHLESS

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  1. Big Ed says:

    Holy crap, now the guy at the eye of the storm, Elijah Cummings, seems to be in complete agreement with President Trump. I wonder if that makes Cummings a racist, too.

  2. madmemere says:

    Can’t imagine this fat, greasy, old buffalo slug, actually putting on coveralls and getting his slimy hands dirty “helping” to clean up anything, much less his own home city. That place is going to take a huge team of exterminators and truck loads of disinfectant, just for starters. Then, bring in wrecking crews to dismantle and haul away crumbling buildings; then, they can start fresh with contractors. new buildings. much needed landscaping AND a city council and mayor that might just “give a damn” about a once great city!

  3. I just love seeing a Democrat proven to be a hypocrite! So now, not only Trump calling Baltimore infested, – the mayor, Sanders, citizens and now Cummings himself calling it infested! Can we move on now?

  4. jth says:

    Cummings is a typical career democRAT politician. hHis three favorite and most important people are “me, myself and I”. He could G A S about the plight of his voters and constituents. Wake up Maryland District 7 voters, and vote this useless collection of atoms out in 2020. What have you got to lose?

  5. Ken says:

    Learn from this people. Democrats are always liars and Trump is almost always right. I would bet dollars to donuts a lot of the money meant to clean up the city ended up in Cumming’s pocket, he and his Democrat buddies who give it back to him and his Democrat pals come election time. How can you waste 16 billion and have nothing to show for it? Come on mayor, governor, congressman, fess up!

  6. NavVet67 says:

    When you don’t do anything to solve your districts problems, sooner or later it catches up to you. Cummings, you just got called out and caught. Can’t BS your way out of this one

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