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MSNBC Host LOSES IT, Attacks Trump Supporters

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  1. GomeznSA says:

    As usual chrissy – along with virtually everyone on the left – is STILL trying to equate legal immigrants with ILLEGAL invaders. They will keep doing so as long as their propaganda arm continues to beat the ‘racist’ drum – and since far too many sheeple rely on them for their ‘news’ it will still work. After all “everyone knows” orange man bad. It has to be true since they see it on the internet…………………

  2. Paul Lamothe says:

    I’m waiting till someone takes a shot at that POS. Nadler with real bullets If he keeps his shit up it’s just a matter of time !

  3. Betty Jay says:

    The Democrats have disqualified themselves by their shouts to harass Trump’s administration and supporters, to tell them that they are not welcomed in public restaurants, public service stations, public stores, and even in their neighborhoods. The Democrats are disqualified by their habit of lying, calling Conservatives and our President Trump Racist and other ugly names which is lies and hate speeches. The Democrats are disqualified because they clearly accept racist actions and anti-Semitic speeches by their co-Democrat representatives. The Democrats are disqualified for falsely blaming the President of the United States for the killings of innocent people by an insane Democrat. The killers themselves are to blame. The Democrats need to apologize to Trump and his supporters for constantly calling them names and inciting violence against them.

  4. estell says:

    The left are the ones that use hatred . Get your facts straight.

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