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BREAKING: Former Trump Ally BETRAYS Trump!

He just made a very big mistake…

Anthony Scaramucci made a full break with President Trump in the wake of a weekend Twitter feud, saying he no longer supports his former boss for reelection.

The former White House communications director cited the president’s rhetoric and Twitter habits as a reason for the GOP to make a change.

“I think you have to consider a change at the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this,” Scaramucci told CNN Monday morning.

During the interview, he predicted that the Republican Party as a whole will eventually follow suit.

“I think what will end up happening is sound and reasonably minded men and women in the Republican Party will say, ‘Wait a minute, we can’t do this.’ He is giving people a license to hate, to provide a source of anger to go after each other, and he does it on his Twitter account.”

Scaramucci also cited Trump’s combative tactics on Twitter.

“He goes after individuals as the president of the United States on his Twitter account, okay, which incites hate, which incites death threats,” he said. “I mean, at some point, I think the people in my party will have to look at this stuff and stop being anesthetized to it and say, ‘Hey, what are we doing?’”

Scaramucci responded by tweeting Sunday, “Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country.”

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