Tlaib Pulls RACE Card To Slander Trump

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  1. Estell says:

    It is NOT a race issue. It is a matter of you hating America and doing everything you can to get rid of OUR government.

  2. Anna Donnelly says:

    Estell you are so right. Tlaib you are no more than a crying little bitch that want to destroy this country.

  3. Ulla Camp says:

    rashida tlaib, sorry to say it, but since you haven’t done anything at all other than whine and complain plus saying that there is NOTHING to like about America; so it is kind of difficult for out President to be focused on you AT ALL……….You are a TOTAL DISGRACE to have in congress….

  4. Paul Lamothe says:

    If anybody deserves one betweenthe eyes this Cunt sure does. If she pulled this shit in any other she would already be dead !

  5. Betty Jay says:

    Your agenda is to destroy America and Israel. Trump is not the racist, you are. You hate WHITE people and show it with every word and action you say and do. Proud of Israel for denying you into their Country to spread your hate. Wish the Democrats had the guts to throw you out. I am ashamed of AMERICAN CITIZENS listening to you and your hate squad.

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