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Ted Cruz SCHOOLS Alyssa Milano On Gun Debate

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  1. Rodney says:

    I’m shocked. I didn’t know Milano was capable of civility. TDS causes incivilty, normally.

  2. Joe says:

    The Demoncrats want to punish decent, honest gun owners for the actions of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America. What to do? Lock up the criminals and crazies, problem solved. Also , re-open the insane asylums.

  3. GomeznSA says:

    Sigh, it is obvious that she did NOT change her mind.
    And Sen. Cruz needs to look at a couple of things more in depth – particularly straw purchases = there are already severe sanctions for doing one but if the laws are NOT enforced, they are essentially useless.
    Further, select fire and/or full auto arms are not “illegal’ – they are heavily regulated (since NFA ’34) and even more so by the hughes amendment to FOPA -86. Anyone that jumps thru all of the necessary hoops – and pay for the tax stamp – they can be had in most states – if one has the money to pay for one.

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