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Liberals LOSE IT After Judge Makes FINAL Ruling On Statue

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  1. Estell says:

    Keep the statues. They are part of our history. Seems like everything the left wants torn down reminds them of something their ancestors did. History needs to be preserved and taught as it really happened not as the left wants it.

  2. Finally a Judge with some “COMMONSENCE AND BACKBONE” to stand up for the “PATRIOTS” who formed this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, with no thoughts of what these “SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS AND EDUCATORS OF OUR CHILDREN ARE PUSHING TODAY” !!

  3. Merlin Wood says:

    Learn from history not hide it

  4. JC says:

    The liberals have been off base with this issue just like the other hoaxes they have trumped up to hurt our nation. Gun grabbing, illegal alien crimes, climate change lies, you name it. All designed to anger conservatives and others trying to steal votes and messing with everyones lives.

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