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Ex-Republican Adviser Goes On CNN, Slanders Trump

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  1. JMichael270 says:

    Where do they get this BS………,doing mushrooms perhaps.

  2. JC says:

    Romney and McCain were like evil twins and never really behaved like Republicans. More like th turncoats for the leftists. Whhat a shame they both are!

  3. JMichael270 says:

    Would you expect anything less from a Romney or McCain employee..

  4. Jerry says:

    LOL! 😂! YEAH RIGHT! This LOSER goes on his LEAKER NUTWORK to spread more LIES something he’s good at, TIME’S UP! The Truth is coming OUT & every Congress member who was accepting some let’s say extras on the side will all be Exposed!😂 No impeachment, Our ELECTED PRESIDENT has done nothing wrong, ( BUT LOVE FOR HIS COUNTRY & THE WORKING CLASS & POOR) UNLIKE THIS JOKE SAME CLASS AS PELOSI, SCHUMER, MCSHAME, ALL SICK TRAITORS TO AMERICA! MUTI MILLIONAIRES, while in Congress! Insider trading, information, backroom deals & HERE’S A MILL THERE’S A MILL! NOW GITMO IS CALLING!

  5. Original Anna says:

    An republican “adviser” worked for romney and mcCain. No wonder these two voted with democrats and had so many democrat friends. Now we know where the problem was with these two, listening to this adviser. These two men didn’t figure out his advise was great for democrats and was turning romney and mcCain into republican turncoats. My suspicion is that these two republicans were rinos right along but were good at covering it up and keeping their truth from their party and republican voters.

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