Kamala Harris Has BREAKDOWN On Air, Slanders Republicans

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  1. NavyPO says:

    Kamala Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. Want proof. Check the Supreme Court Kavenaugh hearings!

  2. Mary Allen says:

    Just a lot of meaningless words spoken by a corrupt loser.

  3. Betty Jay says:

    Kamala Harris and her gang of corrupted DEMOCRATS are the ones who are violating our Constitution. All Americans have the right to defend themselves against such lies as the DEMOCRATS are saying. Our Constitution says the ACCUSER IS SUPPOSE TO HAVE PROOF AGAINST THE ACCUSED. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT THE ACCUSED IS SUPPOSE TO PROVE HIS OR HER INNOCENCE. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE NO PROOF OF ANY WRONG DOING BY PRESIDENT TRUMP, ONLY THEIR MADE UP LIES.

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