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Hillary Clinton FORGETS Elijah Cummings At Funeral, SLANDERS Trump Instead

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  1. Bill Senior says:

    HILLARY CLINTON = IGNORANT POS C***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    She’s a piece of work. She is so selfish, self-absorbed and twisted she makes everything about herself. She should be ashamed, but then, she’s proven that she has no shame.

  3. JC says:

    Hillary is a witch and doesn’t deserve the attention the media gives her.. She was an idiot wife for a philandering husband. She was not really qualified to be a senator from New York. She didn’t accomplish anything but did set up a hell of foundation to steal via a pay for play scam. She is an old stupid cow!

  4. DonRS says:

    As usual, its all about Hillary!

  5. Betty Jay says:

    Hillary Clinton is the wicked Jezebel. She is the lowest of women, no respect for anyone. She is jealous of Melania because Melania is a beautiful woman and Hillary is not. Melania has class which Hillary Clinton lacks. Hillary is also jealous of Trump because we, the American citizens, voted for him and showed that we didn’t want her, the crooked witch, in our White House. Hillary has never been a decent person.

  6. I can’t beleieve that we have so many disloyal Unamericans within America. I beleieve that it’s time to bring back the draft, but add women to the list also. We have lost our young ones, all they want to do is to go to college, smoke pot, and have a good time. They are the most irresponsible generation ever.

    How in hell can any true Patriotic American, beleive anything the media, and the DIMOCRAT party of “NO” says?

    If we don’t cntinue with TRUMP as our president in 2020, we will no longer have an America land of the free.

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