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Biden Gets Caught On CAMERA Boldly Lying To Black Students

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  1. JC says:

    Biden lies to the rest of the world, lies to the nation, why not to black students. He is a pig!

  2. Rodney says:

    What is it the qualifies one to be the President of the United States? Is it someone with fresh ideas, a plan, an agenda to make us all better, or someone with a machine behind them. No fresh ideas, no ideas or agenda to make is better. Someone who wants to status quo, a return to all that has been destroying us? Either way, Joe Biden is NOT what I want or we need. I don’t see any of the batch of Dimwits being qualified to lead this nation to a better brighter USA.

  3. Merlin Wood says:

    Fake republicans were implanted by obama

  4. Betty Jay says:

    Biden, like all DEMOCRATS, does not know how to tell the truth. Those who believe his crap are uneducated, ignorant people. It would be nice to hear a DEMOCRAT really tell the truth. Of course, if you are a Democrat, you refuse to face facts. The Democrats created the KKK, the Jim Crow act, the Antifa group, and now the American Nazi group.

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