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Former Governor ATTACKS Trump, Backfires Immediately

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  1. DonRS says:

    Jerry Brown was a MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR to Califiornia’s HIGH WILD FIRE RISK situation! He and his fellow environmentalist WACKOS did everything possible to maximize the danger by insuring high quantities of fuel to MAXIMIZE the damage caused by wild fires: no construction of additional water reservoirs, no clearing of underbrush, allowing water precious water to run off into the ocean.

    Being a Californian is the equivalent of self admitted IGNORANCE and Self Created Crises!

  2. Rodney says:

    The utility companies in California have for decades, not properly maintained their transmission lines. This has allowed insulation to deteriorate and become non-existent, increasing the likelihood of arching and causing fires. California has also refused all efforts to increase their water storage capabilities aiding in drier then could be landscape. Then there’s the vast number of illegals and homeless who show little regard for safety with fire or environmental health or even personal health. Their, California’s problems are self made.

  3. Judy says:

    Hey, Curtis. Did you serve? You make it sound like you have that experience. Better stick with what you know–dressing up and trying to play another character. Do something constructive—find a cure for cancer or save a life.

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