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Supreme Court Deals HEAVY Blow To Gun Industry

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  1. James says:

    You people need to get your story facts right. It was no the U.S. Supreme Court. It was the STATE Supreme Court. But take comfort in knowing you are not the only one to screw that up.

  2. mwood says:

    The first step towards civil war.

    someone better checkout what the bill of rights really is

  3. With any deranged (INDIVIDUAL) especially when a firearm is used, or a knife, or by their own hands.
    Suing a gun maker, for the actions of a (individual) for a crime will lead to lawsuits popping up for anything that’s related to a crime.
    The person (individual) family could be held liable for the crime. The upbringing of said (individual) most certainly is a issue in my view, but this sounds like pushing the blame away from the actual reason for why the crime was committed in the first place.
    The court just screwed up by allowing to proceed with the suit. Now we are no longer (individuals)

  4. Original Anna says:

    Blame the shooting on the fact that the school was not prepared to protect it’s kids. Our schools lock up and backpacks are checked for weapons including knives. You need permission to enter the school after lock up and leaving school. The gun maker makes the guns they don’t shoot them. It is no different than driving a car. If you are drinking and kill with your car the car maker is not to blames, just the driver driving drunk or on drugs. More kids die from cars and drugs than in schools. It is just no one pays attention to driving drunk or on drugs. Almost every accident is off the news the next day while a school shooting stays on the news for weeks. Every night in our near by city someone is killed in a car accident, dies from drug over doses or is killed in gang fights. More kids are killed by shootings in their neighborhoods while watching TV in their homes while gangs fight on their streets. The neighborhoods refuse to help the police find the shooters even when it is their own kids.

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