John Kerry Asks Media To LIE On Live Air

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  1. Eric Johnson says:

    Gee Kerry…And Just Who Appropriates That Economies Monies ??? For $150B…The Economy Should Be Busting At It’s Seams !!! Centrifuges Aren’t Cheap,,,Ground to Air Missiles Aren’t Cheap…Maintaining and Supplying Armies Aren’t Cheap…Who’s To Say That Money Went JUST FOR THE ECOMNOMY ??? If That’s What You Think…boy oh boy…Are You In For a Surprise…

  2. Betty Jay says:

    I don’t believe that Iran spent that money on their economy. Merry is a liar. Tell me what Kerry was doing talking to the Iranians about BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT’S BACK. What kind of deal was he trying to cook up with them. He broke our Federal law by doing so and should be in prison.

  3. JC says:

    John Kerry is and has always been a cheap liar for liberal causes. Our suggestion for Kerry is stick to saving drowning rodents and stay far away from the US government!

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