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Adam Schiff Takes Veiled Shot At Trump

He just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff took a veiled shot at President Donald Trump while talking about demand for medical supplies.

Schiff said, “[P]robably, the strongest echo of what we were talking about during the trial was when he was earlier talking about how he didn’t want to return the calls from governors, he didn’t want his vice president to return calls from governors that weren’t saying nice things about him, that really weren’t saying things about him that he could then turn into campaign commercials, as indeed he has. That was such a profound and disturbing echo of what he tried to do with Ukraine. So, sadly, you know, as we pointed out during the trial, a man with no moral compass will never find his way, and this president certainly hasn’t.”

Host Chris Hayes later asked, “What do you think about the ways in which lifesaving, crucial information and equipment are being apportioned around the country. Can you put any faith it is being done based on science or sort of neutral standards?”

Schiff responded, “Well, you know, you really can’t. … You can’t have confidence that ventilators are being allocated to states, or protective gear on the basis of those states that are most in need.” You can watch a clip of Schiff’s remarks here.

Image credit: National Review

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