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Rush Limbaugh Explains REAL Reason For Lockdown

This is what he said…

Recently, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh stated that he believes he knows why President Trump went along with the futile lockdown efforts.

Limbaugh said, “I’ve got a series of stories here in the Stack of Stuff that are really aimed at demonstrating how pretty much everything we’ve been told here from beginning of this has not been true. Some of you sly dogs out there, you’ve sent me emails. ‘Do you realize when you say this, you’re including Trump? You’re saying Trump lied…'”

Limbaugh believes Trump was “lied to.” Limbaugh states, “No, I’m not including Trump in it. I mean, I guess I could, but I think Trump was lied to, too, by people he wanted to believe. He was lied to by people he wanted to respect. He was lied to by people he wanted to respect him.”

“Look, I know the person Donald Trump better than some of his close friends know him. I just do. Do not doubt me on this.”

He continues saying, “I know the president’s psychology. … Not as a trained psychologist. I’m just telling you: I know the guy. I know what motivates him. I know what makes him happy. I know the kind of things that he would hope to have had.”

So seems like Limbaugh believes that Trump was lied to, and was told that 2.2 million people would die unless the country was put in lockdown.

Read the full story here.

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