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Democrat Reveals Path To Biden’s Victory

Could this really be all Biden needs?

Today, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) bragged that the recent support by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) of 2020 presidential hopeful former Joe Biden and their newly formed “Unity Task Force” would be the key to a victory in November.

According to Breitbart, Jackson Lee said, “Joe Biden has a program to get America off of the knockdown that she has experienced. And frankly under this administration, we have been knocked down. It”s the worst depression since the Great Depression. Joe Biden has a plan to be both the manufacturing and innovation president. I’m excited about that. Creating great union jobs and focusing on every American having an opportunity and every American family to be an essential worker. That means good wages and good benefits and investing in the nation. I believe that progressiveness is moving the country forward. We are certainly not where we need to be.”

Adding, “I think the party is going to be unified, and that’s going to equal victory.”

You can watch a clip of Jackon Lee’s comments here.

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