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Obama Commends RIDICULOUS Act

Does he really think this will lead to anything?

Former President Barack Obama recently praised the Milwaukee Bucks for boycotting their playoff game.

Obama tweeted out, “I commend the players on the [Milwaukee Bucks] for standing up for what they believe in, coaches like [Doc Rivers], and the NBA and WNBA for setting an example. It’s going to take all our institutions to stand up for our values.”

The Bucks were supposed to play against the Orlando Magic, however, they failed to show up.

Things are starting to get out of hand. But does Obama really think a boycott is going to accomplish anything? He’s been in government so he should know exactly how to change America.

Yet, it seems like all he is doing is talking in a safe area where rioters and looters aren’t bothering him. Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: MinnPost

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