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Senator Reveals Biden’s DARK Secret

This is the reason China loves him…

Recently, President Trump stated that China wants Joe Biden to win the 2020 election over him. Senator Tom Cotton remarked on Trump’s statement and said the reason why was because Biden “has been soft on the Asian superpower for 47 years.”

Cotton went onto “Fox & Friends” and stated, “[O]ur intelligence community has said that China prefers Joe Biden to Donald Trump, and it’s pretty clear why. Joe Biden has been soft on China for 47 years in public life, whereas President Trump has cracked down on them. In the middle of this campaign, not 20 years ago but in the middle of this campaign, Joe Biden says that China is not our competition. They are not bad folks. That’s kind of similar to when he would rather to China other and over again to toast Jinping and celebrate China’s rise. whereas President Trump has imposed tariffs on China for taking our property and for not trading fairly with the United States. He has now going to take action to make them pay for unleashing this pandemic on the world.”

He ended saying, “It’s no surprise that China would rather deal with Joe Biden, who embodies the failed consensus in Washington for 30 years since the end of the Cold War that China would somehow become a mature responsible country, as opposed to the pariah state they have become.”

We can’t have Biden winning otherwise America will suddenly be controlled by China.

Watch a clip here.

Image Credit: NBC News

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