Liberal Governor LOSES It Over Trump

She just made a big mistake.

According to Brietbart News, Governor Gretchen Whitmer attacked President Donald Trump stating he is only “a president for whomever agrees with him.”

Whitmer said, “I applaud the kind of campaign Joe Biden has been running. It’s centered around the science and taking COVID seriously but also showing up. And I think that is what the American people want. They want leadership that does what they are encouraging others to do, that is consistent and accurate about medical information, that shows that we care about all Americans.”

She continued, “It’s been four years of a presidency that is a president for whomever agrees with him. We need a president who is going to be a president for all Americans, not look at states based on the color-coding of a map. But understand that they are the leader for everyone in this country. I’m grateful that Joe Biden and Barack Obama were here yesterday. I had the opportunity to spend some time with them. People are excited. But it’s also important for us to remind people, you know, going to a rally, whether it was a Black Lives Matter march event or immigration rally or a women’s march, that is one way of being active. Another thing that is so important it has to translate into votes, and that’s why we want to encourage people from Michigan to show up tomorrow or Tuesday if you need to but get your vote in. Every vote matters, and these elections could get decided on small margins.” You can watch a clip of Whitmer’s remarks here.

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