Top Democrat Makes STUNNING Accusation Against GOP Congresswoman

Here’s what he said…

According to Yahoo! News, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen accused freshman Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of giving a tour to people who would eventually become rioters at the Capitol building the day before the riots took place.

“We saw Congressman Boebert taking a group of people for a tour sometime after the 3rd and before the 6th,” he said in an interview CNN. “She had a large group with her …It was pretty clear that her team is the team…she is not on the home team, she was with the visitors.”

You can read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: The Independent

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  1. Cohen is known to be a grandstanding fool and he has never expressed himself as having any clue to what he is talking about. He has become the Chicken Man in Congress and comes up with dumb ideas and conspiracy tales to baffle everyone!

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