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Democrats FURIOUS After Governor Says THIS

They can’t believe this.

According to Breitbart News, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont stated that his state should eliminate all restrictions and open up completely by the summer.

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto asked, “When do you think all restrictions go, governor? I know you’re working on this in careful consultation with your medical experts and teams. What does your gut tell you?”

Lamont responded, “My gut tells me by this summer, we have the overwhelming majority of people vaccinated, everybody who wants to be vaccinated can be vaccinated, that would be, from a scientific point of view, when I think we open up totally. I’ve got the end of my executive powers on April 20. So, I’ve got a little more than a month. So, I’ll have to start working with the legislature more closely on this over the next few weeks.” You can watch a clip of Lamont’s remarks here.

Image credit: The Hard Times

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