Fauci Gives Big Update On Pandemic

Can we even trust him anymore?

In a recent interview with CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that we were in the “bottom of the sixth inning” with the fight against COVID.

According to Brietbart, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked, “You and I are Major League Baseball fans. What inning are we in as far as this coronavirus pandemic is concerned?”

Fauci responded, “Well, you know we’re at least halfway through.”

Adding, “I’m not trying to be overly enthusiastic about what’s going on vis-à-vis the vaccine program, which is so successful. But we really have to not to declare victory prematurely. We are in the late innings, but it is not over. That is what we have to make people appreciate. We’re going in the right direction. We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But now is not a time to declare victory. It’s a time to get more and more people vaccinated, just the way the president said today. We want to get to that goal. It’s a doable goal, and I believe we’ll get there.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: BBC

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