Chuck Schumer Calls His New Plan “Amibitious.” No, It’s Just Stupid.

Leave it to Democrats to come up with the dumbest ideas and then try to pass them into law.

Like this one…

Chuck Schumer is now working on a bill that would force all cars in the U.S. to be electric by 2040. He claims this plan is “ambitious.” No, Chuck, it’s just stupid.

“There is no way the United States can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions without looking at how Americans drive,” Schumer said on Tuesday. “So I have put forward an ambitious, comprehensive proposal to accelerate our country’s transition to zero-emission vehicles. We’ve called it Clean Cars for America.”

“The goal of that plan is that by 2040, all vehicles should be clean. All vehicles on the road should be clean. The International Energy Agency, by the way, recommends the world reach that target by 2050, so we beat them by 10 years, if this proposal goes into effect.”

Chuck isn’t holding back here. When he says “all,” he means it.

That would mean every gas car sold today in 2021 would no longer be on the road in 2040. That gas pickup you just bought? Gone. Classic automobiles? Gone. All gas cars gone and only EVs left.

The cost of such a plan would be astronomical. And the infrastructure changes to the U.S. would be practically impossible without massive financial incentives provided by the federal government — ultimately funded by you, the taxpayer.

Listen, we don’t need any more stupid ideas coming out of D.C. There are more than enough. The sooner Chuck’s idea gets the kabosh, the better.

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  1. All Schumer is doing is proving he’s a village idiot which says much about those who vote for him. Human Co2 emissions are only .005% of the total. We’d be far better off it the idiot politicians weren’t gum flapping all of the time.

  2. Looking at the way Americans drive is exactly the bench mark he is using. He, and all the other Socialists, want Americans to be more under their control. The best way to do that, is remove their ability to travel, move,or relocate. i.e. Keep the sheep in their pens.
    It can be called environmental protection, “Climate Change,” or “Green New Deal”, what ever title gets them their goal.

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