This Lesbian Black Mayor Just Set Twitter on Fire (VIDEO)

This is one of the craziest stories you’ll hear this year, I promise.

Lori Lightfoot, one of the ‘wokest’ members of the leftist establishment, just said that she’d only be giving interviews to “black and brown” to mark her two years in office.

There’s stupid, there’s STUPID, and then there’s Lori Lightfoot. In a category of her own.

Most ‘anti-racist’ racists at least have the gumption to hide their hate for all things white.

Not Lori.

Lori has obviously lost her mind along with her hair.

When asked about her decision, she rambled about how she’s “putting diversity front and center”…by excluding white journalists from her interviews.

Yep, that makes sense – the only kind of diversity the wokeristas are interested in is the kind that excludes white people.

What this hateful woman is saying goes to the crux of liberal racial politics.

I don’t need to remind you that these are the same people who’re trying to convince us that “Black Lives Matter” is just a figure of speech.

Sure it is!

If that were true, the reaction here would be an immediate collective press boycott.

And Lori, how about you stop worrying about the skin color of journalists and pay attention to 13 people shot and 3 killed in your city yesterday!?

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  1. She is a racist pig! T’m surprised she hasn’t been removed from office already. She is a disgrace to her race and gender.

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