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CNN Staffers Disturbed by Chris Cuomo’s “Inappropriate” Behavior

After some back and forth, even Chris’ employer, CNN, is now admitting that Chris Cuomo took part in “inappropriate” cover-up meetings regarding Andrew’s sexual harassment scandals.

In these meetings, Chris served as a media advisor of sorts and helped the NY Governor and his underlings navigate the treacherous waters of cancel culture.

Cuomo advised his brother to not resign and said the attacks were a symptom of “cancel culture.”

The Gateway Pundit

There are two key takeaways from this mess:

  1. Cancel culture is much more than what’s on the surface – it’s a tool to target non-woke Americans.
  2. The vast majority of the left plays the “emperor’s new clothes” game. They say things they don’t believe so they can thrive in a woke climate. Until the wokeness and cancel culture comes for them.

The good news is – it’s all popping at the seams for Andrew. The nursing homes, the COVID deaths, the book deals, the sex scandals. Stick a fork in him…

The bad news – despite admitting to what happened, CNN reportedly has no intention of doing anything about Chris’ role in the cover-ups.

This man will get in front of a camera tomorrow and talk morals.

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