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Guess Who Just Got Fired? WARNING: You’ll Lose It Over This!

If you’re trying to keep up with the woke lunacy and like to see people giving the batshit Liberals a taste of their own medicine, you probably remember the police officer who mocked Lebron James.

Now-former Bellevue PD officer Nate Silvester had his short few minutes of fame when his hilarious video went viral back in April.

Well, in an outrageous turn of events, the man has just been fired, two short months after his video went viral.

Although they tried to spin the story and say that there was no political pressure, everyone with an ounce of brain knows what’s happening here.

It probably just took a few phone calls to ruin this man’s life.

Ward noted that Bellevue, where he was an officer, “is literally one of the only blue towns in the entire state of Idaho.”
“Nate and I were talking on the phone this morning, and our honest opinion is that this is all over politics. Just because he supports policing, and police force in general. Nothing he has done deserves getting fired over,” Ward said.

The Gateway Pundit

The cancel culture, ugly as it is, is one thing. But ruining the lives of honest, hard-working Americans because they dared to speak on the woke liberal divas like Lebron James will not stand.

It just won’t.

There’s an active GuFundMe campaign to help Nate Silvester – you can see it here.

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