BREAKING: Is This the End of BLM?

We said it time and again, no organization based on hate and personal gain has a future…and that’s what Black Lives Matter is.

If there was any doubt about that, the last few months provided a mountain of proof for what we’re saying all along.

The undoing has started…the uncontrolled violence, the corruption, money laundering, shootings, and finally, as a culmination, murder in their own midst just a few days ago.

The proverbial rats are leaving the ship.

First among those who recognize the beginning of the end is none other than the BLM’s co-founder, Patrisse Cullors.
Cullors announced Thursday that she’d be stepping down from all roles in the organization.

Naturally, Cullors says that the widespread criticism and the scandals played no role in her decision, but everyone and their mother understands what’s going on here.

The fact that she is stepping down in the wake of reports emerging about her crazy-lavish lifestyle is what? A coincidence?!

Yeah, right.

Below is a quote from the NY post piece that started it all, titled “Inside BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real estate buying binge.”

As protests broke out across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter, the group’s co-founder went on a real estate buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, according to property records.

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37, also eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes, The Post has learned. Luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside Nassau are priced between $5 million and $20 million, according to a local agent.

NY Post

Cullors hopes that she’ll somehow get away with all the shady dealings if she steps down now.

The worst part is, in Biden’s America, she just might!

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