This Ex-Cop Story Might Restore Your Faith in Steadfast America

Every once in a while, a heart-warming story cuts through the ugly clutter of misplaced values.

Such is the story of Bill Yardley and his Tennessee neighbors.

Yardley, an ex-police officer with Parkinson’s disease, wanted to fly the American flag for his birthday, but he couldn’t do it himself.

Instead, he used the Nextdoor phone app to ask for help. But proud Yardley didn’t ask for someone to do the job for him; he just asked to borrow a screwdriver.

What happens next is the kind of soul-stirring tale that restores one’s faith in good old conservative values, like tradition and neighborly love.

During one of Yardley’s regular visits to a doctor, anonymous neighbors installed the flagpole and raised The Old Glory high.

“I cannot tell you what that meant to me,” he told the station. “It’s nice to know that in this day and time that there’s still the Tennessee tradition of volunteering.”

Fox News

In the midst of the lunacy that is our country today, stories like this give us the steadfastness to fight for what’s right.

For the flag. For the people.

For Bill Yardley!

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