Reporter Asks Dumb Question About Trump – Gets Instantly Humiliated

It’s always a pleasure to witness liberal mainstream reporters getting a taste of their own medicine.

And that’s precisely what happened to Yamiche Alcindor, PBS White House correspondent, when she asked a “loaded” question about Trump at a Monday presser.

“Can you talk a bit about how President Biden plans to convince especially our European allies that former President Trump was an anomaly in some ways?” Alcindor asked Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser.”

Fox News

It blew up in her face within minutes as her stupidity started an avalanche of ridicule on Twitter.

This is a selection of some of the “finer” comments.

Long gone are the days when the liberal media made any attempt to at least appear objective.

Today, it’s all about who’ll be a better underling.

It’s pathetic.

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