These Stubborn Virginia Moms Will Make Your Day

There is a crucial battle raging all across this great nation. It’s the righteous strife of the decent American against Critical Race Theory.

It’s much more important than what I can put into words.

The outcome will decide if the next generation of Americans will be victims of victors.

And a group of moms is leading the worthy charge in Virginia. It’s the kind of civil action that has been sorely missed over the past decade.

This is how Ian Prior, Executive Director of, described it:

Obviously, the actions of the school board and the school administration have lit this fire, but, also I call them the army of mom’s out here that are literally out there every day doing the work to work on this petition but also to talk to people and communicate what is going on. 

This is right outside of Washington, D.C. So, you have a lot of intelligent and motivated individuals that know how to do a lot of different things in order to raise awareness and make sure we can have our voices heard. 

Early on, as long ago as two weeks ago, the school board says it is just a small minority of people. It is not a small minority. This is a coalition that is growing day by day. The small minority of people are the people that tried to get Tanner Cross fired. That is the small minority of people. That is what the judge said when he issued an opinion and he specifically said that their actions were vindictive.

Fox News

It seems that the decent folk all across America have just had enough of the woke lunacy.

It was just a matter of time before steadfast America raised its voice.

And what a roaring voice it is!

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