UNBELIEVABLE: Liberal Teacher Bullies Straight Kid for This Shocking Reason (VIDEO)

“Ignorant,” “straight jerk,” “weasel,” butthead.”

This is what a 6th-grade teacher in Springfield (MO) called her student while bullying him after he asked a simple question.

How rude could this question be, you ask?

Well, the boy asked why the straight kids in the class couldn’t have any of the “special unicorn cupcakes” that the teacher made.

That’s it. That’s all the student asked before being subjected to LGBTQ fire & fury.

Just try not to lose it as you watch this disturbing video:

There is so much wrong here that it’s hard to comment.

First of all, can you imagine the outrage that we’d see if a teacher brought “straight” cupcakes to school that only the non-LGBTQ kids could have?

What is American turning into? What’s this equality the left speaks of?

We have lesbian majors with policies (read more on that here) to give interviews only to “black and brown” reporters. We have teachers who openly discriminate against straight students.

What’s next?

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