SO SATISFYING: Guess Who Just Lost Their Job

Just a few days ago, we reported on the libtard teacher from Springfield, MO, who berated and abused a child for her insane, woke reasons.

If you haven’t seen the story – the woke teacher brought “unicorn cupcakes” to school, which only non-straight kids could have. The student who caught the worse end of her rage simply asked why straight kids couldn’t have any (you can see the full story here).

Well, we have just received confirmation that Amanda Parker, the abusive teacher from the disturbing video, “will no longer be returning” to her job at the Springfield public school.

And the internet is loving it.

There are more important questions here, those that go way beyond trivial characters like Amanda Parker.

One – how exactly did we allow the “Amanda Parkers” of the world to find their way into public classrooms.

Two – how many more of them are there?

Three – how do we weed them all out?

All three need an urgent answer.

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