This Public School Just Waged War on ALL Holidays & It’s Despicable

A New Jersey school district board voted to remove all holiday names from the calendar.

For reasons that are yet unclear, the woke members of the Randolph Township school board decided that “Thanksgiving” (among others) is somehow not appropriate.

The audio from the meeting “shows” one board member asking for a ‘second’ to her motion to “change the calendar to not reflect any name, holiday or ethnic group.

New Jersey school district votes to remove holiday names from calendar.

A petition now calls for the ‘woke’ Randolph Township board members to resign.

Fox News

This is not the first time that our values and traditions have been targeted indirectly through our holidays. All of us remember the hoopla around Christmas.

But just when you think that common sense has prevailed, we get sucked back into one of these insane liberal whirlpools of hurt feelings.

We have China aggressively threatening the very fiber of our economic power and Russia taking liberties with their military maneuvers.

What do liberals in Randolph think we should do?

Remove holiday names from the school calendar.

That will show Putin and Jinping that America means business.

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  1. The people in black were the ones who came in on buses. We all know who they are. I think the cop that shot Ashley Babbitt got away with legalized Murder of a person trying to get there censored voice heard. Yet they hail on To GF. MAXINE WATERS. STOPPED ANY KIND OF REAL JUDGEMENT ON THAT CASE. Tried to pass counterfeit Money, resisted arrest, and loaded on drugs and CRIMMINAL records. What a beautiful picture they have painted. I can’t beleive the 1 sided NARRITIVE that s painted for political gain.

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