This Russian WAR DOG Threat Is Spine-chilling

To understand where we stand with Russia, we have to know how Putin and his posse view their actions against America.

We also need to understand that, no matter how hard they beat their chest, their military power is minuscule compared to that of the US.

Their plans against the US are more insidious than bombs, planes and ships.

Nikolai Patrushev, Head of Russia’s Security Council, issued a statement about their new strategy that states that “symmetric and asymmetric” actions against “unfriendly” countries are fully justified.

The keyword here is “asymmetric.”

The language is ambiguous (as it always is on the Russian side), but the message is clear. The statement is a direct threat to the US with further cyberattacks like the Colonial pipeline hack.

But get ready, because more is on the way. Moscow will likely further escalate its aggression against U.S. interests. U.S. officials, in charge of keeping America safe have not taken the Russian threat seriously enough. Because Russian President Putin’s goal is much bigger than the infliction of a few inconveniences. It is, rather, the unraveling of our society and the weakening of our nation, which Russia views as the primary threat against it.

The Kremlin recently declared — with typical intentional ambiguity — its intent to use “forceful measures,” including “coercive use of force,” “when necessary,” against “unfriendly” countries. But this almost certainly refers to the United States.

Fox News

These attacks have the potential to cripple both our day-to-day life and our economy.

That’s what “asymmetric” means. It means that their response to our military exercises can be shutting down our power grid.

Patrushev’s words are probably one of the eeriest threats we’ve heard from the Russian side in a very long time, and it’s not getting nearly the attention it deserves.

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