Guess Who Just Declared Racism a Public Health Emergency

Over the past few months, the black lesbian Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has been a gift that keeps on giving to the media community.

She’s a peach to write about – a peach with a furiously receding hairline but a peach nonetheless.

First, she publicly declares that she’ll only do interviews with “black and brown” reporters, then says that she’s doing it to promote “diversity.”

Just wonderful…

Lori now has a new crusade.

She’s just declared racism to be a public health emergency and took $10 million of Chicago’s COVID money to alleviate this “emergency.”

Remember, this is the money that belongs to all Chicagoans – black, white, or purple.

Earlier this week, the city health department released data that showed expanding life expectancy discrepancies between Black residents, who on average live 71.4 years, and non-Black Chicagoans, who tend to live 80.6 years.

Five factors contribute to the near decadelong differences in life expectancy, including chronic diseases, homicide, infant mortality, opioid overdose, and health concerns such as HIV, flu, and other infections – like the coronavirus.

Fox News

Let’s unpack that.

The difference in life expectancy is connected to a range of factors, but if you want to simplify it all, it’s fair to say that being poor is a huge factor.

Establishing a relief fund for the poor would be the idea of a “normal” approach.

But Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot is anything but normal.

Lori wants to help. Unless you’re white!

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  1. She is a LEFTIST GOVERNMENT FAILURE and GUILTY on all counts, she is the PROBLEM not the CURE with this country . She needs to be voted out or IMPEACHED and then have a GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION done on her. And then indicted and arrested tried and punished, locked up until her receding hair line reaches the back of her neck .

  2. Lightfoot is a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY . She is a Danger to all people who live in Chicago . This woman does not have aa clue on how to run Village , town or City .

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