3 Dead, 10 Injured After Muslim Migrant Does This (VIDEO)

You’re not likely to hear about it in mainstream media because chilling events like this don’t fit their liberal narrative.

A Somalian migrant went on a stabbing spree on the streets of Würzburg, Germany, while, according to a witness, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.’

In the wake of the attack, the numbers are horrifying – three people dead and ten injured, with five wounded severely.

Footage of the attack is eerie:

Bavaria’s top security official Joachim Herrmann confirmed five people are in a serious condition and it is ‘not certain’ if they will live.

A witness reported that the knifeman shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before the attack, he added. But a police spokesperson said none of the suspect’s previous offences were linked to terrorism.

Daily Mail

We (Americans) tend to be self-consumed and shrug off events like this because it’s not happening in our backyard.

But the migrant crisis is a different beast because it does directly concern us.

The liberal elites are pushing an agenda to allow everyone and anyone to come and stay in America.

You might remember that, just recently, the precious Alexandra Ocasio Cortez launched a campaign to prevent our law enforcement from deporting criminal illegal migrants.

My point is this – if we’re not steadfast about the migrant crisis, American streets could be next!

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  1. Golly – I thought that the ‘evil guns’ were the problem (insert eyeroll) – at least that is what the anti gun crowd keeps telling us. Oh wait, this happened over in Germany, don’t they have fairly strict ‘gun control’ laws? Never mind, this particular terrorist used gasp a knife.

  2. Europe is destroyed,some of the countries more than others.Muslims did not come to be peaceful.They are destroying everything they can get to including killing people.

  3. We had a advanced warning from islam themselves, but we refuse to listen.
    islam is already here, and they take no prisoners, except maybe the wives of dead

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